AMR Research Capacities for the JPIAMR-VRI

The six main activity modules that encompass the AMR Research Capacities for the JPIAMR-VRI are:

The JPIAMR-VRI will bridge multi-stakeholder partnerships and promote the development of collaborations between all sectors of the AMR community, including researchers, research policy and research funding. Actions will enable integration of activities via for instance forums, workshops, and webinars, as well as the exchange of knowledge between research and innovation and industry.

By enabling global access to knowledge, infrastructures and expertise, the JPIAMR-VRI will allow for the creation and extension of new and existing networks, centres, projects and frameworks to facilitate and structure the AMR community.

Data Sharing
The JPIAMR-VRI will provide avenues for sharing of AMR knowledge, infrastructures and facilities. In addition, the JPIAMR-VRI will allow for the standardisation and harmonisation of data handling, data distribution, and legal and ethical issues solutions.

Scientific Innovation
By facilitating collaborations and communication, the JPIAMR-VRI will build evidence in all domains of AMR including human and animal health and the environment. This evidence will be able to be accessed for the development of policy and guidelines, and could, for example, provide a platform and tools for early discovery, antibiotic pipeline, alternatives to antibiotics, increasing scientific and technological excellence.

Capacity Building
One of the major activities of the JPIAMR-VRI is the possibility to provide capacity building within the AMR community. By providing virtual education, training programmes (not only scientific training but also on updating other skills outside the scientific framework including business skills etc.), train-the-trainers, exchange programmes (e.g. fellowship schemes, travel grants etc.), the JPIAMR-VRI has the potential to propel AMR research.

The JPIAMR-VRI will contribute to maintaining AMR at the forefront of the political momentum for the Global Agenda. It will raise the visibility and profile of AMR by developing and sharing research results and putting this research forward. It will ensure constant flow of discussions and communications to and from the AMR Research community, the policy makers and the general public.


In 2018 eight networks were funded in the JPIAMR-VRI Network Call to develop activities to build the foundation of the JPIAMR-VRI. In early 2019, at a meeting in Amsterdam, the networks gathered and initiated the work and the formation of the JPIAMR-VRI.

The workshop report can be found here: Startup workshop report 2018 JPIAMR Transnational Networks.

Filmed interviews with the coordinators of the funded JPIAMR Networks can be found here: Discover the JPIAMR-VRI: Interviews with network coordinators February 2019

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