Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

JPIAMR Network Plus 2020

The JPIAMR is launching the tenth call for transnational networks in partnership with eight member countries; Canada, France, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Sweden.

The intent of the call “JPIAMR Network Plus 2020” is to support networks to design and implement ways to support AMR research considering at least one of the six strategic areas of the JPIAMR Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda: Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Surveillance, Transmission, Environment and Interventions. Networks should develop and implement activities focusing on AMR within the domains of Human health, Animal health and the Environment. The Networks are encouraged to bridge multiple One Health areas as needed and to consider the incorporation of their activities within the JPIAMR-Virtual Research Institute (JPIAMR-VRI).

Networks will be funded with €50,000-100,000 per year per Network for one to two years, to connect experts from research performing organisations and establish expertise clusters in the AMR community. Networks may build upon new or existing global collaborations/partnerships. The total budget of the call is approximately 940,000 Euro.

The formation of larger, multi-coordinator Networks is possible according to national rules. This is an ERA-NET JPI-EC-AMR additional activity.

Note that JPIAMR Network calls do not fund research projects.


The JPIAMR Network Plus Call has a one-step procedure. The final funding decision will be announced by the end of July to early September 2020.

Opening of the call: 10th February 2020, 14.00 CET

Closing of the call: 6th April 2020, 17.00 CET

Evaluation panel meeting: 10th June 2020

Decision: End July to early September 2020

Start of the Network: End of 2020/early 2021

Information and application

JPIAMR Network Plus Call Secretariat and National Points of Contact

The JPIAMR Network Plus 2020 Call Secretariat is hosted by the Italian Ministry of Health, It-MoH.

All questions on the call should be sent to:

For more detailed information on the JPIAMR-VRI, please visit:

For national points of contact see call text page 7.