Implementation Plan

In order to organise the portfolio of joint strategic activities JPIAMR has developed the JPIAMR Implementation Plan2014-2018.
This document covers both the implementation of the Strategic Research Agenda priority topics and of the supporting strategic actions. The Plan is accompanied by different matrix describing the ongoing and planned joint activities such as calls, scoping workshops or alignment actions.

Key instruments:

  • Instruments for Strategic Research Agenda Delivery
    • Supporting Research, Supporting resources, Supporting Capacity building in AMR field, Supporting Development of the SRA and exploration of emerging topics in the field of AMR
  • Instruments for Alignment of Antimicrobial Resistance Activities
  • Instruments for Evaluation Activities
  • Instruments for Internationalisation and Cooperation
  • Instruments for developing Industry Relations

Please see the visit the ongoing activities under the menu “Activities”.

JPIAMR has also draft a Strategic Plan 2018-2020. that lays the foundation of future activities.