Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

Evaluation Policy

Monitoring and evaluation is necessary to assess if JPIAMR is able to provide relevant resources to premium research scientists so that they can deliver outstanding results to tackle challenges of AMR. This in turn will allow JPIAMR to achieve its own goals and mandates.

JPIAMR has developed an evaluation policy with the objective:

  • To implement a monitoring and evaluation strategy
  • To gather information from the different countries on the feasibility of the completion of a national AMR research projects database

JPIAMR has developed a Framework for Monitoring and Evaluation. Read the report and download.

In the context of a JPI, transnational collaboration is an important element. A survey on cross-border collaboration in infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance was conducted by JPIAMR in 2016.

  • This survey was conducted to identify bilateral or multilateral activities that JPIAMR Member States are involved in with specific relevance to antimicrobial resistance research and infectious disease research.
  • Most of the JPIAMR Member States participate in joint programmes/ collaborations with other funding agencies within or outside Europe highlighting the benefits of transnational collaborations.

JPIAMR has created a report from the survey of transnational collaboration of JPIAMR member countries in the area of infectious diseases and/or antimicrobial resistance. (Download the report here)