Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

Most JPIAMR member countries have a National Strategy, policy or guidelines for Antimicrobial Resistance or are in the process of developing one. Many of those currently developing their agendas take account of the Strategic Research Agenda that provides a strong basis for relevant information. JPIAMR is collecting an update of all the activities and action plans on AMR that are taking place in Member states at national levels.

Apart from preparing their national action plans the JPIAMR member countries also undertake different AMR research programs and calls addressed to serve the needs of the respective countries better.

National AMR plans and research programs library

Below is the library of JPIAMR members who have developed national plans and research programs on AMR.

CountryImplementation YearNational Action Plans National AMR Research Programs and Activities
Argentina2015-Strategy for the Control of Antimicrobial ResistanceNational program
Belgium2014-2020Belgian Antibiotic Policy Coordination Committee
For Animals - AMCRA 2020 policy
National program
Canada2015-2021Federal Action PlanPan Canadian Framework On AMR
For Animals - Notice to stakeholders
National program
Czech Republic2011-2013Action plan of National Antibiotic ProgrammeNational program
Denmark2017-2020Antibiotika handlingsplan
For Animals - Antibiotika One health Strategy
National program
EgyptNot providedNot providedNot provided
EstoniaNot providedRecommendation on Antibiotic Use A
Recommendation on Antibiotic Use B
Recommendation on Antibiotic Use C
National program
European Union2017-2020A European One Health Action Plan against Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)Not provided
Finland2017-2021National Action planNational program
France2011-2016Antibiotics plan DGSNational program
Germany2015-2020German Antibiotic Resistance Strategy (DART 2020)
DART 2020/Interim Report 2016
National program
GreeceNot providedNot providedNot provided
India2017-2021National action plan on Antimicrobial ResistanceNot provided
Ireland2017-2020Ireland's National Action Plan on Antimicrobial ResistanceNational program
IsraelNot providedNot providedNational program
Italy2017-2020National Plan against Antimicrobial Resistance
National AMR Portal, Italian Ministry of Health
National program
Japan2016-2020Japan National Action PlanNational program
Korea2016-2020National Action Plan on Antimicrobial ResistanceNational program
The Netherlands2015-2019Administrative agreements on antibiotic resistance in healthcare
Multi-annual agenda on antibiotic resistance in healthcare
National program
Norway2015-2020National Strategy 2015-2020National program
PolandNot providedNot providedNational program
National health program
For Animals - ANSVSA
National program
South Africa2014-2024Antimicrobial Resistance National Strategy FrameworkNational program
State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation
Strategic and action plan to reduce selection risks and dissemination of the antibiotic resistance
National program
Sweden2018-2020Cross-sectorial action plan on AMR 2018-2020National program
Switzerland2015National Strategy on Antibiotic Resistance, STARNot provided
Turkey2010-2014Stratejik Plan 2010-2014
Infection control regulations
Not provided
United Kingdom2019-2024UK 5-year action plan for antimicrobial resistance 2019 to 2024
UK 20-year vision for antimicrobial resistance
National program