Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

Alignment Actions

A crucial element of Joint Programming is the alignment of National and European Strategies with the JPI’s Strategic Research Agenda. This group will work towards the establishment of an alignment strategy for AMR national research programmes.

National AMR plans 

Implementation Plan

Alignment Plan

Evaluation and Mapping

JPIAMR has developed a Framework for Monitoring and Evaluating. This exercise intends to assess whether the JPIAMR is achieving its goals with relation to its objectives. For that, a comprehensive understanding of the information provided by different national research systems is desirable so as to determine whether or not the JPI instrument adds value at European level.

A mapping exercise of research in antimicrobial resistance has been conducted to obtain an overview of the current scale of funding, research capacity and scope among JPIAMR member countries. Its report and database are going to be published in February 2015.

In the framework of the development of the Strategic Research Agenda, JPIAMR also undertook an output collection survey at the end of 2013 regarding the output produced by the from AMR-related projects funded within FP6 and FP7 from the European Commission.

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