Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance


The National Authority for Scientific Research (Autoritatea Nationala pentru Cercetare Stiintifica, ANCS) is the specialised organisation of the central public administration, applying the strategies and programmes of the Romanian Government in the field of R&D and responsible with the implementation and promotion of the 7th Framework Programme in Romania.

ANCS functions encompass politics (present and harmonise the political viewpoint regarding the research development and innovation field), programme management, strategy (elaboration and implementation of the policies on research development and innovation), and evaluation of the policies in the field of research, development and innovation. It elaborates the normative and methodological framework, functional, operational and financial framework in which the policies in the field are carried out.

At the international level, ANCS ensures the application of international agreements in the related field and the promotion of new agreements and acts as state authority – which ensures the monitoring and control of the settlements in its field.

The ANCS also acts as government representative in national, regional and international bodies and organisations as a state authority for its field. The statute of ANCS is settled by the Governmental Decision no.1449/17th November 2005.

ANCS is involved in five JPIs:

  • Food Security, Agriculture and Climate Change,
  • Cultural Heritage and Global Change,
  • A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life,
  • Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Water Challenges for a Changing World.

Within the CSA JPI AMR, ANCS is leader for WP 5 – Stakeholder involvement and extension of partnerships, with the following tasks as task leader:

  1. Establishing the Stakeholder Advisory Board (SHAB)
  2. Developing ways of working with stakeholders
  3. Industrial cooperation
  4. Exploring synergies between JPIAMR and other global initiatives

Also, ANCS is involved in the following work packages: WP2 External communication and dissemination, WP3 Implementation of the Strategic Research Agenda and WP6 Framework for evaluation and monitoring of the JPI as well as IPR and regulatory issues.