Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is represented in JPIAMR by ZonMw, which is the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development. ZonMw is a national organisation that promotes quality and innovation in the field of health research and health care, initiating and fostering new developments. ZonMw also actively promotes knowledge transfer and implementation, ensuring knowledge is exchanged between all relevant stakeholders (health researchers, health professionals, patients/consumers and the general public). This in turn facilitates the structured implementation of newly developed knowledge and ensures that emerging health care issues are on the research agenda.

The majority of ZonMw’s commissions come from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The Ministry’s main concern is to contribute to public health, including prevention and health care services. NWO is a non-governmental organisation concerned with fundamental and strategic research. As the national research council, it plays a key role in the development of science, technology and culture in the Netherlands. With regard to AMR ZonMw also cooperates with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and with WOTRO, Science for Global Development.

Concerning JPIAMR, ZonMw is the work package leader of WP3 which aims to develop, maintain and update a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). The SRA will provide a framework for future investment and research activity within JPIAMR. In addition to this task ZonMw will also contribute to four other work packages:

  • WP2 External communication and dissemination, task 2.5: organising conferences for launching CSA activities.
  • WP4 Implementation of the Strategic Research Agenda, task 4.2: provision of tools and procedures for transnational activities and joint actions.
  • WP5 Stakeholder involvement and extension of partnerships, task 5.2: developing ways of working with stakeholders)
  • WP6 Framework for monitoring and evaluation of the JPI as well as Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and regulatory issues, task 6.1: defining the framework for evaluation and monitoring of the JPI; task 6.2: pilot for validating and expanding the monitoring and evaluation system and task 6.3: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and regulatory issues).

Previous experiences relevant to the tasks

ZonMw coordinates several programmes which are relevant to this JPI:

  • Priority Medicines Antimicrobial Resistance: To help control AMR and to foster the
    development of new antimicrobials ZonMw initiated the research programme Priority Medicines AMR. ZonMw will fund basic and applied research in this area between 2009 and 2018.
  • The Rational Pharmacotherapy programme aims at optimising effective, safe and efficient use of existing medicines (i.e. pharmacological treatments authorised for the Dutch market) by funding research projects and stimulating implementation of knowledge and expertise.
  • Infectious Disease Control: To strengthen the knowledge infrastructure for infectious
    disease control and to facilitate research in order to achieve a more evidence-based
    approach to controlling infectious disease.
  • The Q-fever Programme funds research designed to help reduce the number of people falling ill from Coxiella Burnetti. In 2010 twelve applied research projects were funded.

ZonMw is also involved in three other Joint Programme Initiatives: JPI A healthy diet for a healthy life; JPI More years, better lives and JPI Neurodegenerative Disease Research.