Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

Christina Greko

Christa Greko is an Associate Professor at the Department of animal health and antimicrobial strategies, Strama VL, National Veterinary Institute (SVA) Uppsala, Sweden. In this position, she supports a network working to contain antimicrobial resistance in veterinary medicine and food (the network Strama VL). Other tasks at SVA, now and previously are risk profiles, expert opinions and other forms of expert advice, monitoring of sales of antibiotics and of antibiotic resistance, policy work and risk communication nationally and internationally. She has previously been involved with ReAct through Uppsala University, and held positions at the Swedish university of agricultural sciences (SLU) as well as Universidad central de venezuela. Christina has conducted research within the areas of diagnostic clinical bacteriology, pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamic relationships of antimicrobials, antimicrobial resistance including its epidemiology, and usage of antimicrobials.