Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

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The AMR challenge is not restricted to Europe and a global approach is thus necessary to more effectively promote AMR research. Consequently, the objective is to expand the basis of the joint programming activities and assume a more global approach.

JPIAMR is engaged in a series of dialogues worldwide to share and exchange ideas and information with nations committed with the AMR challenge and willing to coordinate their research actions addressing AMR.

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Benefit for members

The goal of JPIAMR is to combat the global crises of antimicrobial resistance by aligning international research resources and by providing a platform for collaboration. Tackling AMR requires a global effort, which is why new members who share JPIAMR’s vision are encouraged to join and participate in collaborative actions and in funding multi-national and multi-disciplinary research. The greatest value of participating in the JPIAMR’s joint activities lies in the collaborative aspect of this initiative. This applies to JPIAMR’s member organisations themselves as well as to the researchers who are funded by the initiatives activities