Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

Full Call for Proposals will be published January 2017

Call title

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The primary aim of the fifth joint call of JPIAMR is to compare prevention, control, and intervention strategies to prevent the development, transmission of AMR infections.

In order to protect and prolong the usefulness of existing antimicrobials, increasing cross-sectoral efforts are needed to minimize their use and misuse in human and animal health and food production settings. Key measures to achieve this are to improve existing and implement new evidence-based control, prevention, and intervention strategies to reduce the risk of acquisition, development and transmission of, antibiotic-resistant pathogens and infection caused by these pathogens, in hospitalized patients, outpatients, healthy people, animals, and the environment.

Call topic(s) include*:

  • One Health oriented pilot studies to determine feasibility and protocols for future large scale multi-centre and multi-national studies of different prevention or intervention strategies designed to prevent AMR infections in community, health care, agricultural and environmental settings.
  • Compared effectiveness and economic evaluation of the implementation of new and/or more cost-effective methods for rapid detection and diagnosis of infections by multi-drug resistant microorganisms (MDR) for the purpose of identification of appropriate therapy, transmission routes or early detection of outbreaks in different settings.
  • Investigations of efficacy and effectiveness of behavioural intervention strategies or public awareness strategies aiming at reducing the use and misuse of antibiotics and the development and transfer of AMR.
  • Assessment of new methods to improve and raise hygiene and sanitation standards to reduce infections in health and care settings.

*Provisional information. Call topics are subject to change until Call opens.

Provisional timeline

Publication of call:
January 2017

Submission deadline Pre-proposal:
March 2017

Submission deadline Full proposal:
July 2017

Funding decision:
October 2017

Project start:
End of 2017 – Beginning of 2018
End of projects: 2019

Participating countries*
Canada, Belgium, Germany, Irland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

*List is provisional – additional countries may join.


Applicants must adhere to the specific regulations of the national funding organisations. Each transnational consortium submitting a proposal must involve:

– a minimum of 3 eligible partners from 3 different countries participating in the call

Consortia of researchers from at least three countries.

– a maximum 6 participants and maximum 1 or 2 participants from each country*

*Please see national eligibility requirements (to be published in final call text).

– Project participants not eligible to be funded cannot be consortium coordinators and must accept all JPIAMR rules and guidelines just as funded members.

Special emphasis on low and middle-income countries and a One Health perspective or partnership is encouraged but subject to the scope and mandate of national funding agencies participating in the call (See specific national requirements).

Call closure: March 2017

Total budget: approx. 15 M EUR

Joint Call Secretariat representatives are available for questions: Dr. Malwina Gębalska (Phone +48 12 341 9017; E-mail: Dr. Jerzy Fraczek (Phone: +48 12 341 9165; E-mail:

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