Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance

Collaboration is at the heart of this Joint Programming Initiative (JPIAMR), we work both top down through the alignment of national research programmes and joint research calls, but also bottom up through incentivising collaboration among the scientific community.

The JPIAMR Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) provides a framework to support world-class research on AMR. The JPIAMR Implementation plan 2014-2015 proposes activities that will mobilise the available national resources of several nations in an optimal way. While ensuring minimum duplication of effort, it will utilise existing expert groups and create research activities in many different fields that are relevant to AMR.

In order to organise the portfolio of joint activities the JPIAMR Management Board has set 4 strategic Working Groups:

WG1 SRA implementation (Chair: Germany)
This group leads the organisation of how to prioritise which strategic issues identified in the SRA will be implemented first, and which steps will taken for each of the SRA priority topics.


  • Identify joint calls
  • Survey on national priorities of SRA topics (summer 2014)
  • Brainstorming workshop (fall 2014)
  • Research infrastructures workshop (second quarter 2015)
  • Series of workshops on the different topics of the SRA: Diagnostics, Interventions, Therapeutics (from Spring 2015)

WG2 Alignment (Chair: UK)

A crucial element of Joint Programming is the alignment of National and European Strategies with the JPI’s Strategic Research Agenda. This group will work towards the establishment of an alignment strategy for AMR national research programmes.


  • Mapping and collection of AMR national strategies and policies (Early 2015)
  • Promotion of SRA in each Member State – list of national actions (fall 2014)
  • Develop alignment actions between member countries (2015)

WG3 Evaluation (Chair: Spain)

JPIAMR has developed a Framework for Monitoring and Evaluating. This exercise intends to assess whether the JPIAMR is achieving its goals with relation to its objectives. For that, a comprehensive understanding of the information provided by different national research systems is desirable so as to determine whether or not the JPI instrument adds value at European level.

  • Supervise all the JPI evaluations
  • Workshop on information systems (February 2015)

WG4 Internationalisation (Chair: Sweden)

The AMR challenge needs a global approach. Consequently, the objective of this group is to expand the basis of the joint programming activities and assume a more global approach.


  • Follow up membership / partnership with different countries
  • Develop a portfolio of international joint actions (2015)



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