Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance


Framework for Monitoring and Evaluation

Funding agencies and research organisations today, as well as JPIAMR, need to demonstrate that their funding goes to excellent scientists who produce excellent results. Monitoring and evaluation is one means to approach this challenge. Evaluation of research helps to identify conditions that are conducive to science and to assess the contribution of funding organisations.

JPIAMR has developed an evaluation policy with the objective:

  • To implement a monitoring and evaluation strategy
  • To gather information from the different countries on the feasibility of the completion of a national AMR research projects database
  • To develop a database

The Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for JPIARM was adopted by the MB in November 2013. The framework is based on three general principles:

  1. The priorities of the European Research Area (ERA)
    These priorities inform the definition of outcomes of the JPIAMR
  2. The Framework Conditions (FC)
    The FC underlie the processes to be developed by JPIAMR
  3. The three basic functions of joint programming which have been discussed during the JPIs To Co-Work workshops, and are compatible and inspired in the triple helix theory:
    1. Governing policy making,
    2. Governing and management of research
    3. Innovation and responsiveness

These three functions summarise what a research programme needs to do, using the FC in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

The priorities of the European Research Area (ERA) have been adopted and the pilot testing of the evaluation framework started in early 2014.

The completion of a database of projects funded in Europe in the field of AMR has already being discussed and a feasibility exercise of gathering, at national level, the information included and agreed upon in the database has been initiated.

European funded AMR projects output survey

In the framework of the development of the Strategic Research Agenda, JPIAMR undertook a survey at the end of 2013 regarding the output produced by the from AMR-related projects funded within FP6 and FP7 from the European Commission. Read more here. 

Framework for monitoring and evaluation download

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